"Spoiling Rotten" Rates

All fees are for up to two (2) pets.

Each additional pet is $1.00 extra

Initial consultation is free

Request 48-72 hours advance notice

Minimum 15 minutes...$12.00

16-30 minutes...$15.00

31-45 minutes...$18.00

46-60 minutes...$21.00

Should you need more than one (1) visit a day that fee will be decided on a sliding scale taking into consideration services requested and mileage.

Taking pet to vet or groomer...$25.00

Pick up pet supplies, i.e. food, litter, treats, etc...$8.00

Giving meds...$2.00

Weekends...$3.00 additional per visit

Holidays...$3.00 additional per visit

Mileage...first 5 miles, free

Each additional mile is $.50 extra

Cancellation of service MUST be given 24 hours in advance

or there will be a charge for one full day of service